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Pacifism in the Modern World

Pacifism, by my understanding, is an opposition to war and violence as a possible means to end disputes or gain control over others. It is the radical notion that problems can be solved peacefully and non-violently. From Ancient Greece, to Ghandi, to Martin Luther King, to hippies, pacifism has found its way into society, whether or not it is widely accepted as a reasonable alternative. Whether pacifism is expressed by civil disobedience, economic cooperation, political cooperation, or nonviolent protest, nonviolent action can create a successful outcome.

Pacifism can be based morally or consequentially, following the theories of John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant. It is widely recognized with pacifists that violence becomes morally wrong whether on a grand scale (i.e.war) or on a small scale (i.e. spousal abuse). Because of this, even the Just War theory is rejected widely among pacifists. All war is wrong, including war that is a last resort.

The point of this blog will be to educate about nonviolent action taking place around the modern world as well as explore past events and the peaceful leaders that facilitated those actions.

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